Rijay Africa Travel is a safari and tour company owned and operated by local Tanzanian who are realized of their passion for Travel & adventure tourism after beings involved in organizing and participating in various tours and safaris for their family and friends during vacations; thus developing love and knowledge for the spectacular African nature through travelling in various destinations, exploring and adventuring the beautiful and awesome land of East Africa.

This has also given great exposure and a chance to gain more experience and familiarize more in the tourism industry and focus on tour and travel after gaining a wealth of experience in guiding and planning safaris based in East Africa particularly in Kenya and Tanzania.

There is nothing comparable on this planet than a Safari in Africa, and there is no better place on earth to enjoy that enriching experience than Tanzania.


To us every customer is different and special

We are proud of our ability to meet the exact requirements every customers we get, by offering each clients a personalized services, starting at the planning stages and continuing throughout their vacation time in Tanzania.

We loved what we do, we celebrate seeing our customers enjoying

Our teams of trusted travel specialists are passionate about sharing and showing you the best of this precious country (Tanzania) and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and outstanding levels of services.

Our Team

Our team members were born and raised in Tanzania, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. They followed their passion with unmatched value, They have been in travel industry over decades working with giants travel companies in Tanzania (travel guru) where they accumulated a wealth of wildlife knowledge and experience while working as tour guides. They know how Tanzania parks smells, having a wealthy, vast knowledge of safari, They were able to give their guests the best tours experiences and personalized service.


Years of experience in the Tanzania travel industry

First hand knowledge for over decades, we have created unforgettable travel experiences around Tanzania. Our expert team has extensive and firsthand knowledge of the region and they are passionate about what they have been doing.

Your satisfactions our number one priority

Whether a seasonal traveler, new explorer, or somewhere in between, Rijal Africa Travel will provide you the tour of your dreams. From breathtaking migrations, nocturnal safaris, luxury or rustic accommodations, we can tailor your journey to exactly fit your requirements. If you have questions, we have answers for you!

24/7 Support

When you are here, you are family it’s our way, from your first contact, through the duration of your stay until you’re safely home, all of our eyes and resources will be with you.

Guides and our Drivers

Experienced and charismatic team of guides and drivers we have are graduates from top colleges in Tanzania. Speak at least three international languages, going over re-polish program every year since we don’t have to lag behind the market’s needs, not only they are experts in their field, but hospitality and eager to please.

Best deals

Un matched values, while there are bunch of cheaper options out there, you have our words that our services and level of expertise in Tanzania travel industry makes our value of money hard to beat. Our stellar reputations for warm and deeply personal services at every step are what set us apart.

Bespoke Safari Experiences

Our mission and vision are centered to one point, ensuring that your face and smile shows unforgettable adventures experience you had with us. We judge our success based on your body language as we believe body language never lie.